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Public consciousness and attitude to religion during the revolution and Civil war
Semenov A.A., Berezina A.N. 1

1. Armavir Mechanical and Technological Institute (branch) of Kuban State Technological University


The article examines the attitude of the Russian population to the religious idea and the Orthodox Church in this historical period. The authors showed that at this time the worldview of the masses is significantly transformed and replaced the old religious values come new ideologies and principles associated with the Marxist doctrine and ideas of socialism. At the same time, the authors pay attention to the fact that this transition was not too rapid. It developed gradually, and for a long time in the minds of the General population there were simultaneously several worldview paradigms associated, on the one hand, with the traditional Orthodox creed, and on the other hand, with the ideology of the new society, which the Bolshevik leaders sought to build.

Keywords: masses., collective consciousness, myth, socialism, Bolsheviks, religion, worldview, Church, development, ideology, society

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