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The role of pedagogical practice in the formation of professional competence of the future teacher
Metlushko V.A. 1

1. Krasnodar state institute of culture


The article theoretically substantiates the need to strengthen the practical component in the process of professional training of pedagogical personnel in Russia; the expediency of updating the goals and objectives of pedagogical practice based on the competence approach is considered and the features of its organization in higher education are characterized. Pedagogical conditions for the formation of professional competence of future teachers in the process of pedagogical practice are determined. The specifics of practical training of teaching staff in European countries are analyzed, in particular, the principles of organizing practical training in Finland, and the factors contributing to improving the conditions for conducting pedagogical practice of students during their studies are highlighted.

Keywords: pedagogical education, competence approach, professional competence, pedagogical practice, multilevel system of higher education

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